Sunday, April 2, 2017

Readers' Advisory Matrix: Yes Please

Author: Amy Poehler
Title: Yes Please

1.      Where is the book on the narrative continuum?
·         Highly narrative
2.      What is the subject of the book?
·         A collection of stories, lists, photographs, mantras and advice by the author.
3.      What type of book is it?
·         Biography/autobiography
4.      Articulate appeal:
·         Full of the comedic skill that fans have come to love and expect of Amy Poehler, Yes Please allows the reader to get to know the comedian on a more personal level. With not just some good one-liners, Poehler also makes her readers pause and think about life subjects.
Yes Please is an easy read and the pages will fly by with Poehler’s pearls of wisdom slipping in between the laughs. The writing style reads more like fiction than an autobiography and flows smoothly. Readers will also enjoy the realness of Poehler’s writing and the truths she doesn’t pass by.
5.      Why would a reader enjoy this book?
·          Writing style
·          Learning/experiencing
·         Humor

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  1. Great prompt response! You do a great job writing informative and concise answers. Full points!