Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Adult: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell
Title: Fangirl
Genre: New Adult Fiction
Publication Date: 2013
Number of Pages: 433
Geographical Setting: Nebraska  
Plot Summary: For Cath Avery, being a part of the Simon Snow fandom is her life. Her twin sister, Wren, used to be just as obsessed as Cath, both staying up late in the forums and writing fanfics together. However, now that they are both heading to college Wren doesn’t even want to be roommates, and is pushing Cath right out of her comfort zone. New people, new places, and new experiences—all things Cath hates. On top of that, she has to deal with a brusque roommate and her charismatic boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who’s against fanfiction altogether, and a handsome classmate who’s only into words. Is Cath ready to face life on her own? Will she have to leave Simon Snow behind to do so?

Theme- The more mature characters take readers on their journey of growing up. Those who want to go a little deeper than YA novels will find that in this novel.
Fast-paced- Fangirl takes on some serious issues, but the story has very little lag. Readers will find they’ve reached the end without realizing.
Real life experience- While it is fiction, this story has a very real feel and will capture different kinds of readers. Even if you don’t read fiction much Fangirl doesn’t feel fictitious and may grab your attention.  

Similar Authors and Works:
Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando: Leaving home. Elizabeth and Lauren are very different, but when paired as roommates they can only rely on each other.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld: Writing in the theme. Echoing the inclusion of the characters own writing you see in Fangirl, follow Darcy as she moved to New York City to become a writer.

We Are the Goldens by Dana Reinhardt: Family and first love. Written in letter form, Nell Golden tries to keep her sister’s secret and deal with her own coming of age story.

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  1. Love this book and love your annotation! Great job with the appeals. Full points!