Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fantasy: Neverwhere

Author:  Neil Gaiman
Title: Neverwhere
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 460
Geographical Setting: London, England (Above and Below)
Plot Summary:
Richard Mayhew had a perfectly normal life; a good job, nice apartment, and a beautiful fiancé. But all that changed the night he stops to help a bleeding girl named Door. This one small act was Richard’s first step into the world of London Below, and out of his perfectly normal life. Richard learns he’s “fallen through the cracks” and to survive this city of shadow and oddity, of monsters and angels, he has to find Door again and help her with her own quest. Even if they do succeed, can Richard return to his previous life?
*You may have heard this story before, but the author has revisited the story many times and it may not be quite the story you remember. Also included is the short story of “How the Marquise got his Coat Back”, enjoy!
World-building- Gaiman’s twist on the normal world opens a door to an amazing new perspective with “London Below”. It lives alongside the human world in “London Above” and fascinates the reader with each new detail.
Magic- As with most fantasy stories, magic is a vital part of this novel. Those that “slip through the cracks” are so engulfed with this magic that it’s almost impossible to return to their previous life.
Characters- Neverwhere is full of different characters, all of whom the reader will desire more. Gaiman spins their stories wonderfully and has a full cast of both human and very non-human.
Similar Authors and Works:
King Rat by China Mièville: A character pulled out of normalcy. Something from beneath London has murdered Saul Garamond's father, and left Saul to pay for the crime.
Storm Front by Jim Butcher: A city with a magical side. Harry Dresden is Chicago’s only listed wizard, and he takes his job very seriously—most of the time.
Darkside by Tom Becker: A seedy underground full of monsters. This is a children’s novel with a similar concept; Jonathan discovers a world hidden in London, ran by Jack the Ripper's family.

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  1. Excellent annotation. I hear there is even a full cast recording audiobook version with celebrities. Full points!