Sunday, March 26, 2017

E-Readers and Audiobooks

Electronic book formats appeal to so many different people I’ve ceased to be surprised when someone comes to ask for either format. Whether young or old, avid readers or those who don’t consider themselves a “reader”, all seem to find some part of electronic books they can enjoy. One aspect of both e-readers and audiobooks that often brings people in is the ease of travel. Long car rides with the family are made shorter with a good audio book coming out the stereo, and there’s no arguing over music choice! E-readers allow avid readers to bring tons of books on their vacation and they don’t need a separate bag for the backup books, or their backup backup books.
Ease of access with e-books is also a big draw. Not just leisure books are available, but textbooks as well. I’ve known many students who have chosen to have their textbooks on an e-reader instead of buying a print copy. This way is not only often cheaper, but also allows the student to bring several of their books without breaking their backs carrying them. Most e-books are often on the cheaper side and so draw people to the format. Often, one can find free e-books advertised and you only have to download them to enjoy. Audiobooks also give an ease to those with a busy lifestyle. Perhaps the reader can only enjoy a good book in their daily work commute, or have them play as they do some housework or sit down to do the bills. With today’s busy life, ease of access is often a top priority.
As for liking one format over the other, I’ve never seen a problem with how someone “reads” a good story. I myself have a Kindle and one of my favorite series is fully and only downloaded on the device. As long as someone is enjoying the story or learning something I don’t see the point in arguing over which format is better—everyone has their own preference. My brother-in-law only reads through audiobooks, because his attention can’t be caught with written words. While nothing will beat curling up on my favorite spot with a hot drink and paper book in hand, the new technologies have made books more accessible to people and that just puts a smile on my face.

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  1. Fantastic prompt response! You hit the nail on the head. Full points!