Friday, February 10, 2017

Kirkus Style Review- Cress by Marissa Meyer

Fairy tales with a modern twist make up Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles and the third installment, Cress, plays off the story of Rapunzel.

Meyer continues the fight against the Lunars with the story of Cress, a Lunar herself that has been imprisoned on a satellite orbiting Earth. With a knack for technology and hacking, Cress has been used by her guardians in order to keep an eye on the Commonwealth as well as keep Lunar ships and objectives secret. However, Cress has secretly gotten in contact with fugitive and Lunar enemy, Cinder, along with her crew of others looking to take down evil Lunar queen, Levana. The hacker sees her chance at freedom (and meeting the handsome Captain Thorne) and takes it whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, the team’s rescue attempt goes horribly wrong and causes them to be split, and Cress and Thorne to crash to Earth. On a planet after seven years in space, Cress is exposed to quite a shock as things are not as romanticized as she made them in her head. Many plots come to a cross in Meyer’s third book and readers of Cinder and Scarlet will enjoy the authors continued skill at weaving them all together. Not only introducing a new heroine as well as more details of Lunars, but Meyer’s is also weaving them into the previous stories— and doing it well. Readers need not worry about facts getting mixed and can also look forward to the book’s fairy tale base being used a bit more heavily than the previous books.

A wonderful addition to the story of Cinder, Cress will captivate reader’s attention and heart, not letting go till the very last page.

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